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An Overview About Why You Need Commercial Document Attestation Now

It is a knowable fact that document attestation is a crucial thing that must be done especially if you are traveling or migrating abroad. It is clear under the laws and regulations of various countries that certain attestation of documents is necessary for different reasons ( e.g. personal, educational, or commercial reasons ).

Attestation, in its sense, is the method wherein attestation companies in the UAE check the authenticity of a document and declaring that it is, indeed, genuine.

Commercial Document Attestation, specifically, is needed for commercial ventures. Commercial documents need to be attested as well, like:

Board Resolution

This refers to the documentation of a decision that the Board of Directors or Shareholders has agreed upon, on behalf of the Corporation itself. All decisions that the rightful people are documented and these papers need to be authenticated so it will be considered true.


There are various certificates that a commercial place issues – like Certificate of Incumbency, Origin, Incorporation, Shareholders, Good Standing, or even the Change of Company Name – all these needs to be attested.

BVI Company Documents

Your BVI Documents must also be attested especially here in the UAE.

Power of Attorney

The POA is an authorization letter that aims to represent another entity to execute private affairs or legal matters. In order to make this POA genuine, it should be attested. In doing so, the POA becomes real and powerful enough to be considered in any legal matter.

In fact, there are a lot of commercial documents that need to be attested. These papers are needed for various reasons like:

  1. Company formations
  2. License Renewals
  3. Change of Board Members
  4. Opening a Bank Account

and many others.

If you ever need attestation services for your commercial documents, however, you need not worry because we, Reliance World Attestation, are here to help you. As one of the leading attestation agencies in the UAE, you can rest assured that we will be able to help you with commercial document attestation or with any type of attestation service that you need. We prioritize quality and efficiency – hence, you can guarantee that you will receive high-quality service and expect it to finish as fast as possible, as well.

Contact us anytime – our doors are always open to help you.


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