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Here’s how you can attest your documents in the UAE

There are circumstances wherein you may need to attest your documents while or before your arrival here in the UAE. Often, people are indifferent about the real attestation process or what it is for. There are attestation companies in the UAE that help you with the procedures, to also spare you from the hassles and stress of the attestation processes.

And you can rely on us at Reliance World Attestation – being one of the most trusted legalization companies in the UAE, we know and understand the procedures well, that is why we provide such services to those who need it. We offer a wide range of attestation services that are undeniably unmatched and unsurpassed – the quality of service that we give is exceptional; we make sure that you will be provided with a fast, reliable, and credible service that you deserve.

We also understand the urgency of the attested documents, which is why we do things in a reasonably quick manner. And in this article, we will share with you the actual process of attesting your documents here in Dubai:

Basically, the procedure includes three steps:

  • Notarization
  • Attestation
  • Legalization

The kinds of documents that are often attested in Dubai are:

  • Educational Qualifications
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Experience Letter
  • Course Grades

Authentication and legalization basically mean that all the documents that are issued outside UAE must be sent to the origin, for it to be verified through a seal, stamp, or signature – conveying that it is genuine.

Now, for the process:

  1. The true copy of the documents will be viewed by a notary from the original country where it came from.
  2. Once notarized, it will be brought to the MOFA ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs ) and will attest the documents if the notary stamp is real and authentic.
  3. The attested and notarized copy will be brought to the UAE embassy of the country of origin and legalize the papers – they will put a stamp on it conveying that it can be used in the UAE.
  4. Attestation companies can verify these documents and obtain the MOFA stamp.
  5. Afterward, the papers can be translated to Arabic and be stamped by the Ministry of Justice.
  6. Then finally, the papers can now be used in the UAE.
  7. Furthermore, if you are looking for credible attestation providers in the UAE, come to us at Reliance World Attestation and we will help you with all the kinds of attestation service that you might need.



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