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Top reasons why you need attestation & legalisation of documents in the UAE

If you are transferring from one country to another, you could’ve heard the term ‘attestation’ a couple of times already. And that is because it is quite a necessity – most especially if you have places to stay for long. In Dubai for example, ‘attestation’, or the legalisation of documents in the UAE is quite an important matter.

Travelling to another country requires a visa – subsequently, your visa will only be issued if your papers will go through a series of attestation procedures. Similarly, there are actually three types of attestation:


This refers to the attestation needed for educational certificates and the like. This happens before taking your documents for MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs ) attestation.


Shortly after the state authorities attest the documents, it will be turned over the MEA for further attestation.


After the MEA Attestation, comes the Embassy Attestation.


  • For UK certificate attestation in the UAE, this is admissible – like in all countries included in the Hague Convention. With the 92 nations, most western countries like UK, Germany, etc., acknowledges this.

So why do need these attestations?

To validate your documents

There are a lot of companies and other organizations that require attested documents. like for example if you are applying for a job, for a different school, for marriage, or other legal reasons, most require attested papers and documents.

To protect your original papers

Losing your original papers is not a good thing – it will give unnecessary headaches and worries. But if you have an attested paper and you will need to give it out to organizations for some reasons, you just need to photocopy it and you will need not to worry at all.

To help you in many ways

These attested documents are considered valid; hence, if you need to present such documents to schools, enterprises, etc., it will be deemed as true and authentic.

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