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Getting your Police Clearance Certificate Attested for UAE

In February this year, the UAE’s visa system underwent a major change with regard to the requirements for foreign nationals seeking to work and reside in the country. To this effect, incoming expat workers now need to prove that they do not have a criminal record in their native country (country of origin) or in the country they resided in for the last 5 years. The way to do this is through securing a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) or Good Conduct and Behavior Certificate. Every applicant for a UAE work visa must supply such a certificate in attested mode before he/she is considered eligible.

The driving goal behind the PCC requirement is to safeguard national security by keeping out undesirable elements and ensuring a safer community. The new visa rule specifically requires every person trying to obtain a work visa in the country, to get a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) and have it attested for UAE based on the country he/she resided in for the last 5 years. The process should be channeled through the UAE Embassy. At the moment, only tourists and sponsored family members are exempted from this requirement.

What is a Police Clearance Certificate?

A Police Clearance Certificate is essentially a copy of a person’s individual criminal record information. This also serves as a declaration that they have never been convicted or fined for criminal behavior. The aforesaid requirement applies to locals as well as expats, which means UAE nationals too have to get this certificate. Each country has different formats and names for police clearance certificates; they are also known by the names of good conduct certificates, judicial record extracts, and others.

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Police Clearance Certificate

The one thing in common is that the issuing party is either a police authority or a government department in that country. The destination country’s Citizenship and Immigration department uses these to filter out individuals posing security risks, and for preventing them from entering their borders. The requirement for attested PCC is a feature in the visa systems of many countries, such as Belgium, Canada, and Australia.

How Does Attestation Work?

PCC attestation entails authorized departments/authorities/person/persons witnessing the proper certificate with their official signature and seal. This legally confirms that the same certificate was issued by the department mentioned, while the seal and signature prove its authenticity.

If you need a PCC attested, we at World Reliance Attestation can spare you the lion’s share of the hassles involved. Call us, and we would get this done for you in minimal time.

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The Validity of Document Attestation Services You Get

Perhaps you have already encountered the term ‘attestation’ – especially because it’s certainly needed for certain purposes. Looking for document attestation services is, in fact, a common and mundane scenario if you are looking for a job, school transfer, or authenticating all your legal papers.

Attestation, in its sense, is the legalization of certain documents that you need whenever you want to go to another country and apply for a job there, new school, get married, or other purposes – it’s a proof that your documents are genuine and legibly yours.

You can attest your documents yourself – but to make things easy for you, especially if you are chasing a deadline, you can just come to us, Reliance World Attestation, and we’ll provide you with the most efficient attestation services in Dubai. We are a reputable brand in our field because of many reasons – one of which is because we’re the only company that provides Iran certificate attestation to all those who need it. Whatever your nationality is, wherever you came from, may it be from US, Germany, or any Western Countries, we know just how to accomplish your attestation necessities and give them to you just in time.

We have been in this field long enough; hence, you can rest assured that we know exactly what you need – and that’s what we’ll give you.

Moreover, allow us to tell you about the validity of these attested documents.

The validity of these attested documents varies – it depends on what type of document it is. For example:

  • Affidavits and declarations both have its validity depending on the execution of the papers on the date of the attestation.
  • Powers of attorney, on the other hand, is valid until the person who gives the power of the attorney cancels the paper himself.
  • Certified translated documents are valid as long as the notary certified the papers during the period of commission.

Indeed, it varies depending on the case, purposes, and what type of attested document it is; therefore, it’s important to be able to execute what you need to do with the paper before it expires or before it becomes null.

However, this won’t happen with us at Reliance World Attestation – we’ll make sure that you will use your papers accordingly, get it attested in the right time, and avoid mishaps all throughout the process.

If you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to call us at +971 55 3519191 one of the leading attestation agencies in the UAE.


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An Overview of Medical Attestation

When you are working and you suddenly fall sick, you can take a leave and get a medical certificate attestation in the UAE, afterward. This is to prove that you were not able to attend or go to work due to illnesses and you have gone through medical assessments in hospitals or at home, as per your doctor’s requests.

Whether you are frequently or rarely sick, doing this attestation on your own can be a bit bothersome and hassle for you. Moreover, if you need medical attestation services, we, Reliance World Attestation, can help you with this. In fact, with our extensive knowledge in attestation, we can actually offer you more services like attesting your marriage certificates, experience certificates, birth certificates, and all your other important papers. We have been doing this for over 25 years already, so you can rest assured that we will give you the best kind of service you need.

And to elaborate and give you more information about medical attestation, here are the things that you should know.

  1. The Documents that you should need to bring when you attest your medical certificate are:
  • Original Medical Certificate
  • 2 Photographs
  • Passport Copy

2. This kind of attestation is for the purposes of

  • You need this so that you can claim your medical insurance.
  • You need this so that you can prove that your absence in the office was due to a very serious matter.
  • You need this so that you can extend your leave especially if you still need recovery.
  • You need this so you can obtain the benefits that your company should give you.

3. And usually, it requires too many procedures, that is why it’s advisable if you ask for professional help from a reliable attestation company. And we, Reliance World Attestation, as one of the leading attestation agencies in the UAE, you can come to us anytime and we’ll do our best to deliver your preferred attestation service from us. You can choose from our variety of services and trust that we will do our jobs appropriately and efficiently.

Visit us anytime you need our help and we’ll accommodate you with all your needs.


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An Overview About Why You Need Commercial Document Attestation Now

It is a knowable fact that document attestation is a crucial thing that must be done especially if you are traveling or migrating abroad. It is clear under the laws and regulations of various countries that certain attestation of documents is necessary for different reasons ( e.g. personal, educational, or commercial reasons ).

Attestation, in its sense, is the method wherein attestation companies in the UAE check the authenticity of a document and declaring that it is, indeed, genuine.

Commercial Document Attestation, specifically, is needed for commercial ventures. Commercial documents need to be attested as well, like:

Board Resolution

This refers to the documentation of a decision that the Board of Directors or Shareholders has agreed upon, on behalf of the Corporation itself. All decisions that the rightful people are documented and these papers need to be authenticated so it will be considered true.


There are various certificates that a commercial place issues – like Certificate of Incumbency, Origin, Incorporation, Shareholders, Good Standing, or even the Change of Company Name – all these needs to be attested.

BVI Company Documents

Your BVI Documents must also be attested especially here in the UAE.

Power of Attorney

The POA is an authorization letter that aims to represent another entity to execute private affairs or legal matters. In order to make this POA genuine, it should be attested. In doing so, the POA becomes real and powerful enough to be considered in any legal matter.

In fact, there are a lot of commercial documents that need to be attested. These papers are needed for various reasons like:

  1. Company formations
  2. License Renewals
  3. Change of Board Members
  4. Opening a Bank Account

and many others.

If you ever need attestation services for your commercial documents, however, you need not worry because we, Reliance World Attestation, are here to help you. As one of the leading attestation agencies in the UAE, you can rest assured that we will be able to help you with commercial document attestation or with any type of attestation service that you need. We prioritize quality and efficiency – hence, you can guarantee that you will receive high-quality service and expect it to finish as fast as possible, as well.

Contact us anytime – our doors are always open to help you.


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The Top Reasons Why You Need a Degree Certification Attestation Services

Aside from being a commercial hub, Dubai is also the preferred country of those who want to continue their educational status or those who want to study further. Because of the good schools and even enterprises, more people get captivated by Dubai’s flourishing city.

And with that being said, if you have plans for staying in Dubai for a bit of a long time, your credentials mandatorily need to be attested – it’s, in fact, an important requirement in Dubai. There are various reasons why you will need this – hence, if you need services regarding degree certificate attestation in Dubai, you might need professional help.

We, Reliance World Attestation, can help you with this – with all the attestation services that we offer, you can guarantee that we will be able to deliver all your needs and requirements – we do our best to meet your expectations and efficiently finish it all at a reasonable rate. No matter where you came from, may it be from the UK, USA, Germany, and all other Western countries and in the UAE, we are always here to help you out.

Moreover, these are the main reasons why you would need to opt for degree attestation services in Dubai:


There are numerous employers who seek for the attested and verified certificates that you have when you are applying for a job. Attestation centers need to feel that the documents are authentic and real before they can stamp and sign the papers. But of course, when you are already applying for a job, you will need to carry both original and authenticated documents for the employers to see.


If you have plans of studying abroad, schools will also need to see your attested papers before they can consider your school application – like transcripts, for example. With all the good schools that are situated in Dubai, you would want to try and continue your studies here – which is why you need to prepare your educational papers days before you land in Dubai or in your preferred country.


There are countries that require visas when you want to travel in their cities – and before you even get the visa, there are requirements you need to give and these documents must be attested as well.

And if you are about to encounter any of the three, it is advisable to get your documents ready as easy as possible – have a list of which documents most likely need to be attested so you won’t need to have a hard time anymore. Hence if you need any attestation service like degree certificate attestation in Dubai

The Basic Guidelines for the Attestation of Documents Here in Dubai and the UAE

It is a knowable fact that you need attestation of documents whenever you plan to visit or migrate abroad – not only that but for several legal purposes as well.

In Dubai and the UAE, it is the MOFA’s responsibility to stamp all your documents that need attestation, so that it can be accepted by the government of the UAE.

Actually, the procedures are lengthy – it involves a lot of processes. You will need to fill up forms and wait for days for it to be finished.

This is why you can ask for a professional help – seek the assistance of attestation agencies in the UAE like us, Reliance World Attestation. We give paramount attestation services in Dubai and help citizens of different countries like UK, USA, Canada, and Germany, to have their papers attested and be legal in the UAE.

With regards to this, you have to know these basic guidelines so that you will have knowledge about this kind of procedure.

There are different kinds of document attestation. Some of it can be:

You might need to have attestation for your documents whenever you are planning to:

  • Establish your own business here in Dubai
  • For educational purposes
  • If your employer asks for it

And of course, there varied reasons why you need to attest your documents and more often than not, your papers pass through a series of steps before it can finally be considered as legal in the UAE.

Step 1: Notarization

This is the step wherein your paper is assured to be originally coming from the country where it is produced. Signatures should be in the paper and the Notary will also sign the paper before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Attestation

Attestation aims to make your notarized papers to be legally standing internationally. It requires intricate legalization procedures and all must be done correctly.

Since UAE is not affiliated with the Hague Convention, two more certification procedures should be done to your document so that it can finally go to the final stage; namely:

  • Certification by the UAE Embassy
  • Certification by the MOFA

Moreover, if you need help in document attestation in the UAE, all you have to do is contact us, World Reliance Attestation, and we will gladly help you with all your needs.


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Top reasons why you need attestation & legalisation of documents in the UAE

If you are transferring from one country to another, you could’ve heard the term ‘attestation’ a couple of times already. And that is because it is quite a necessity – most especially if you have places to stay for long. In Dubai for example, ‘attestation’, or the legalisation of documents in the UAE is quite an important matter.

Travelling to another country requires a visa – subsequently, your visa will only be issued if your papers will go through a series of attestation procedures. Similarly, there are actually three types of attestation:


This refers to the attestation needed for educational certificates and the like. This happens before taking your documents for MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs ) attestation.


Shortly after the state authorities attest the documents, it will be turned over the MEA for further attestation.


After the MEA Attestation, comes the Embassy Attestation.


  • For UK certificate attestation in the UAE, this is admissible – like in all countries included in the Hague Convention. With the 92 nations, most western countries like UK, Germany, etc., acknowledges this.

So why do need these attestations?

To validate your documents

There are a lot of companies and other organizations that require attested documents. like for example if you are applying for a job, for a different school, for marriage, or other legal reasons, most require attested papers and documents.

To protect your original papers

Losing your original papers is not a good thing – it will give unnecessary headaches and worries. But if you have an attested paper and you will need to give it out to organizations for some reasons, you just need to photocopy it and you will need not to worry at all.

To help you in many ways

These attested documents are considered valid; hence, if you need to present such documents to schools, enterprises, etc., it will be deemed as true and authentic.

And if you need any kind of attestation services, like German certificate attestation in the UAE, we, World Attestation Reliance, can deliver them to you. We are one of the leading attestation companies in Dubai and we have been giving these services to our clients for a long time already so you can rest assured that we will be able to finish your attestation needs right on time without any mishaps.

Contact us anytime and we will gladly extend our help to you.


Know the Right Procedures for German Certificate Attestation in Dubai

If you are from any western country like Germany, for example, there’s a big chance that you will need to attest your documents so that you can stay here in Dubai with no issues whatsoever. Even if you are from France, USA, Canada, or any part of the world, attestation is still needed – it’s a form of legalization your papers to prove that it’s authentic and true. And if you need German certificate attestation in Dubai, there is only one place that you can come and ask for assistance.

We, Reliance World Attestation, are the one-stop solution for expatriates who want to seek help from when it comes to legalizing their papers and documents like USA certificate attestation in Dubai and many others. We have been in the industry for a couple of years already, so you can rest assured that we will be able to deliver all our services to you with so much ease and efficiency. Our family is consisting of professionals who have more than enough knowledge of attestation services. We prioritize your convenience, which is why we do our best to make things easy for you.

And as for German natives, here are the procedures that you should follow if you want to attest you documents here in the UAE.

If you are already here in Dubai:

  1. You will need to give your passport and birth certificate to the attestation company that you trust.
  2. It will be sent to Germany and undergo pre-legalization process at the Ministry of Federal State.
  3. Your documents will be translated into English or Arabic.
  4. Then, it will be attested to your native local district area in Germany.
  5. And finally, it will be sent to the UAE Embassy in Berlin – the end point of the legalization processes.

After all these procedures, your document will be sent to the UAE again and be attested at the MOFA ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs ).

Moreover, if you need any kind of attestation services like Canada certificate attestation in Dubai trust that we can do these procedures seamlessly without mishaps and deliver your attested documents right on time.



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How and Why Should You Get an Attestation Service for Iran Certificate?

If you are an Iranian who wants to live in the UAE, there is a need for Iran certificate attestation in Dubai, to prove that your documents are authentic and genuine – and to get kind of service, we, Reliance World Attestation can help you.

We are a leading legalization company and in fact, we are the sole provider of Iran certificate attestation in the UAE. We are equipped with the right knowledge and resources to be able to give the most efficient and fast attestation services to all our clients. We give an extensive array of these services, namely for birth certificates, marriage certificates, medical certificates, and many others. The quality of our services is tested enough through our years of experience in the industry we are in.

We understand our clients well – we know how imperative it is to finish these procedures quite quickly that is why we do our best to complete the processes as fast as possible.

As for you Iran certificate attestation, there are different purposes as to why you will need this type of service like:

  • When you want to have a resident visa for your family ( wife, children, and in-laws )
  • If you want to transfer your child to Iran ( or if you are Iranian resident or maybe if you want to transfer your child to any school here in Dubai )
  • For a power of attorney
  • For employment visa
  • When you want to achieve higher education in other countries ( or in Iran )
  • And also if you need to get an experience certificate attestation

Here’s how you can attest to your Iranian Certificate

  1. If you are in Dubai and you need to attest your documents to be used in Iran, you must submit it to Iranian Consulate in Dubai after it is stamped and attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. It can also be attested in the Ministry of Justice if it is required in your Iranian destination.
  3. And if you have Iranian papers for use in the UAE, you must know that it must be attested by the UAE MOFA or Abu Dhabi first then after which, it can be translated into English or Arabic, from Farsi.
  4. And if you need our help at Reliance World Attestation, you can always contact us anytime and we will gladly extend our help to you regarding Iran certificate attestation in Dubai¸ or any type of attestation services you need.


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The Importance of Birth Certificate Attestation in Dubai

A Birth Certificate, in its sense, is a legal and official document of one’s identity – clearly stating the name, nationality, and date and place of birth. There are certain reasons why you should request for a birth certificate – that’s why it’s crucial for you to know the basics of birth certificate attestation, like if you have a child and you want to admit him to a school in a foreign country or if you want to migrate with all your family in another country.

If you ask an attestation company to do the service for you, you will need to provide them with the original copy of your birth certificate and a photocopy of your passport or the one needing the attestation.

We, Reliance World Attestation, offer this kind of service. We are an attestation company that can take care of any of your attestation needs like birth certificate attestation or for other types of documents like medical, marriage, experience, and many others. We have been in the industry long enough to know how we can do the procedures swiftly, making it convenient for all our clients. The team behind our services is trained and qualified enough to make the job done – we take pride in being considered as one of the pioneers in the field that we are in.

Furthermore, what you need to do if you want your birth certificate to be attested are:

  1. Have your document be attested by your native government
  2. Turn it to the Ministry of External Affairs
  3. Then have it attested in the country that you are applying for

You should know, however, that each country has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to the attestation of important documents, hence, it’s crucial for you to check these before you start with the attestation procedures.

At Reliance World Attestation, we take the attestation process from the embassy of your home country before taking it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in the UAE. We will also make sure that all your documents needed for the attestation are authentic and genuine before it can be used for official purposes.

And if you need any help with attesting your birth certificate in Dubai, especially if you are from UK, US, Canada, Australia, Germany, or anywhere from Europe, you don’t have to worry because we know how important it is – in fact, it’s used in almost all legal purposes wherever you may go in the world. As long as you’re here in Dubai, we’ll help you attest your papers and documents as fast as possible, in times you need it the most. And as for Iranian nationals, we also take pride in being the sole company who can attest to your certificates efficiently. Just contact us anytime and we will gladly extend our help to you.