How will you be able to attest your degrees in the UAE?

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There are a lot of expatriates here in Dubai – there is no secret in that. Some travel here to study or to work but with whatever reason that we may have, there’s one thing that people should know – all your papers must be recognized by the different ministries to prove that you match the specific requirements that are needed when you want to study or to work.

If you have a university degree and you live here in Dubai, you may need degree certificate attestation that is verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs most especially if the position that you are aiming for needs a university degree.

You can ask our help, Reliance World Attestation and come to us to any of your paper verification needs. We are among the most trusted attestation companies in Dubai that help you in the attesting procedures that you will need; we give services such as experience certificate attestation, birth certificate attestation, medical certificate attestation, and many more. With our years of service in the market, we have all the experience and knowledge that are required to give you world-class service when it comes to attestation.

If you want to do the procedures on your own, there will be no problem with that. Here are some of the steps that you should do:

Step 1: Of course, before anything else, you need to make sure that your own papers are authentic and it has the original seal and signature of your home department.

Step 2: You have to validate your documents by your respective country’s external affairs.

Step 3: Bring the original and extra copy of your documents and you can go to British Council Dubai or the Dubai Courts Notary Public to have your papers attested. Here, the council will make sure if you are the person that the qualification has awarded to, through calling the educational institute you came from.

Step 4: Finally, have your documents be certified and signed ( which includes all the signatures and stamps needed ) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Dubai.

To spare yourself from all the hassles and stress, however, you can ask our help at Reliance World Attestation and we will do all the needful for your UAE degree attestation process. With our help, we can do the procedures fast and quick but making sure that everything is done correctly. You can come to us anytime and we will gladly extend our help to you.



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