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Our attestation services include MOFA, Educational, Mark Sheets, Affidavits, Personal Documents, Commercial Documents and BVI attestation services in Dubai, UAE. The quality of the service that we offer is unmatched and makes us the best in the attestation field. Our vision is to deliver hassle-free document attestation services to our esteemed clientele and make sure they have a wonderful experience with us. With years of hands on experience, we as a company is just the perfect resort for all kinds of services in United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.

Degree Certificate Attestation

Degree Certificate attestation is mandatory in the UAE. It is required for obtaining a work VISA, for professional License, etc. We can legalize all degree certificates issued in any country, for use in the UAE.

Marriage Certificate Attestation

Marriage certificate attestation is mandatory if you intend to sponsor your spouse in the UAE. Get in touch with us so that we handle the entire process smoothly for you.

MOFA Attestation

Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation within the UAE is a compulsory procedure to validate the authenticity of important certificates and documents . World Attestation Service can assist you to get your documents attested by MOFA within 24 hours.

Birth Certificate Attestation

Birth certificate attestation is mandatory when you want to obtain a visa for your child and get facilities provided by the UAE government. Being a one-stop solution for all kinds of document attestation needs in the UAE, World Attestation also offers birth certificate attestation services.

UAE Embassy Document Attestation

UAE Embassy Document Attestation is required for any document to be valid in UAE. We provide UAE Embassy attestation services for your personal or commercial documents issued from any country. Our team of professionals will make sure to get your certificates attested.

Commercial Document Attestation

World attestation Services can smoothen Commercial Document Attestation procedures in Dubai. Regardless of any country you belong, you can completely rely on us for legalization of commercial documents on your behalf.

Divorce Certificate Attestation

The authenticity of your divorce document is assured through Divorce Certificate attestation. An attested divorce document might be required in most situations. Divorce certificate attestation involves a lengthy procedure and the processing duration and charges vary from country to country.

Secondary School Certificate Attestation

If you want to pursue further education in UAE, attestation of Secondary School Certificate is required. It confirms that certificate has been issued by the School/University and Seal and signature thereon confirms the genuineness. We can legalize school certificates issued in any country.

Experience Certificate Attestation

An attested experience certificate is mandatory in UAE to prove the validity of the document and to get a good placement. This will help in authenticating your previous job experiences. The legalization procedures involve several steps through which we can guide you.

BVI Document Attestation

World attestation is at your service for your BVI Document attestation. If you have plans for a startup company or even starting a branch of your organization in the UAE this attestation is mandatory.

Transfer Certificate Attestation UAE

Transfer certificate attestation is a vital requirement before applying for admission to any UAE schools or universities. Our Attestation experts are aware of all UAE, MOE procedures, making the process faster and easy.

Medical Certificate Attestation

Medical certificate is a document which is crucial to protect your interests. A legalised medical report helps you to manage claims and other official requirements.

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To get a visa for Dubai or to get through other legalities, your personal documents or business documents attestation is mandatory. UAE is not a member of Hague Apostille Convention. so, for the documents to be valid, the Government authentication or legalization is required.

 The Attestation Service can be tedious and time consuming and you might not have the endurance to handle the technicalities and tiresome experience of the process. But you can keep all the worries at bay because we take you through the procedure with ease. Our trained and experienced team at World Attestation Service is always ready to assist you. 

We are dedicated towards offering our esteemed clientele convenient and absolutely hassle free Attestation service. We carry out all kinds of document attestation service in Dubai, UAE from degree certificate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, UAE & translation services as well. For Attestation Service it is not necessary that the person has to be in the home country, where his original document was issued. For more information, Please reach out to us.

Best Reliable Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

Since 1990, we offer wide range of attestation services in Dubai to our clients. The quality of service that we offer is unmatched and makes us the best in our field. Our vision is to deliver hassle-free, genuine, fast attestation services to our esteemed client and make sure they have a wonderful experience with us. With years of hands on experience, our organization is just the perfect solution for all kinds of attestation services in Dubai. We take care of the entire process of attestation, from the very beginning till the end to ensure that you can relax while we get your work done.

Ryan Nelson Ramos
Ryan Nelson Ramos
Ahmad Mohsen Abdelwahab
Ahmad Mohsen Abdelwahab
Efficient, straight forward service. I used World Attestation Services to get my academic degree attested from the UK. The payment was done online and I received the attested documents to my office in two weeks. During the two weeks, the team kept me updated with the status of the process. The cost is reasonable considering the number of attestation buddies needed.
Ashok Bali
Ashok Bali
Erica Reyes
Erica Reyes
Their service was super fast. I've received my attested document on the same day. Great job!
SaifAli Kheraj
SaifAli Kheraj
great service timely.
Mohammed Abdelwahed
Mohammed Abdelwahed
I had my uncle's US certificate attested through Reliance Management and I have to admit (since I was the one who applied on his behalf), they were extremely helpful & supportive throughout the whole process! The timeline and expected date of delivery was communicated clearly at the beginning and that displays their dedication on delivering results effectively. The only area for improvement (though it could be out of their hands) I would suggest is for them to have a live tracking of the progress of each request so customers can log in and view their recent updates on the application. Deepa from their offices was extremely professional & helpful when there was a bit of delay from the state department. She also provided clarification on the process & why it could take some time as well. Overall, a very positive experience for me with Reliance as they have displayed honesty, professionalism and complete transparency on the process of attesting a certificate from the US. additionally, they got the certificate attested by the UAE Embassy in the US and the UAE Foreign Ministry in Dubai. One stop shop indeed where all needed attestation will take place through Reliance! Kudos to their team.
Irene Paul
Irene Paul
Ģummÿ ßęær
Ģummÿ ßęær
I contacted Reliance through whatsapp as I Don’t live in Dubai. They were prompt to respond to my inquiry and sent a payment link to get my document attested from UAE embassy of UK and MOFA in Dubai. I paid on 24th June and was promised to receive documents back within 15 working days and exactly received my document exactly on the(18th July) 16th working day to my door step. This is the first time I tried their service and all I can say it they are reliable and keep up with their word. Recommend them

 Attestation is the process of confirmimg the validity of seal and signature on documents issued by UAE Government or Abroad

You can get your documents attested from World Attestation in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi . We provide all attestation Services like Degree, Birth, Marriage, Medical, Transfer, Experience attestation to our clients in UAE

We can help in attesting your Degree Certificate in Abu Dhabi.

Steps Include:

  • Step 1 – Notarisation in the country of origin.
  • Step 2 – Attestation in the country of origin.
  • Step 3 – Certification by the UAE Embassy or Consulate.
  • Step 4 – Certification by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
  • Step 5 – Arabic Translation (Optional)

Authentication of documents such as Power of Attorney, Special Power of Attorney, and Authority Letter ought to be endorsed by the executants by and by before the Consular Officer. The executants should have unique and copies of their visa, CNIC/NICOP or Smart Card.

Most importantly, your marriage certificate should be legalized by the foreign ministry in the country wherein your marriage occurred. At that point, your authorized certificate should be confirmed by the UAE consulate in that country. At last, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs needs to authenticate your report. For attesting marriage certificate in UAE, Contact World Attestation Services

World Attestation also offers birth certificate attestation services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE. Birth certificate attestation takes place at the embassy in the home country, then it is attested by the ministry of foreign affairs in UAE.

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