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Birth Certificate Attestation
Best Birth Certificate Attestation in Dubai, UAE

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Birth Certificate Attestation , How to do Attestation?

” World Attestation will help you to attest your Birth Certificate issued in any country for use in UAE”

Birth Certificate Attestation is required for official purposes at a lot of instances. For Visa and employment or other legal processes in UAE, the birth certificate and other documents have to be attested. Birth certificate attestation in Dubai is necessary as it proves the authenticity of the document. The process of birth certificates attestation takes place at the embassy in the home country where the documents of the person is issued and then it is attested by the ministry of foreign affairs in UAE. Just like attestation of any certificate in Dubai, all personal, professional, and educational and other legal documents have to be authenticated before they can be used for any official purpose.

We, at World Attestation extend our attestation services to our clients. Customer satisfaction, timely output, prompt services and unmatched quality of service are some of our fortes when it comes to attestation of the birth certificate in UAE. Our hardworking and experienced team of experts is always at your back and call and they ensure that you have a convenient process for attestation of the birth certificate in UAE.

How to do birth certificate attestation in UAE?

Attestation is a mandatory process in UAE. World attestation provides you with attestation service regardless of the country from where the certificates are issued. Our experts carry out attestation procedures for more than 100 countries.

Documents required for your birth certificate attestation for the use in UAE

  • The original certificate to be attested

  • A copy of valid passport

Procedure for attesting a birth certificate to the use in UAE

  • Certificates are securely sent to your home country where they are legalized by MOFA and UAE embassy

  • Finally the document is returned to the UAE where it is attested at UAE MOFA.

Why Birth Certificate Attestation is required?

In cases where you supply an authorized body based in a foreign country with your birth certificate, it is required that the same have been attested from the country where it is issued. This validates the document before the assessing party. One good example is when you wish to sponsor a child to the UAE, in which case, his or her birth certificate would need to carry attestation from the issuing country.

The birth certificate  is validly used for one or more of the following purposes:

  • Applying for a fresh passport

  • Family Visa or Visa application (for a child without a passport)

  • School Admission or other educational institution (the birth certificate would essentially be proof of age)

  • Name change at school, or on a government-related document

Procedure for Attestation

The process of attestation for Dubai or UAE can be completed in the country, which issued the document in question. In order to make this usable in the UAE, attestation should be done by the issuing country’s Ministry of External Affairs, respective home department, or a corresponding UAE embassy. After you have completed the required attestation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE recognizes said certificate is as valid.

The following documents would need to be furnished for this attestation:

  • The original birth certificate(s)

  • Visa copy

  • One passport copy

  • Authorization letter

  • 2 photographs

It doesn’t matter whether it is birth or any other certificate attestation, we would be happy to help you get through the entire process effortlessly. We are present across countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Philippines, India, Pakistan and many more countries and have delivered to thousands of our clients for the last couple of decades. Our unparalleled expertise in the field is just about the thing that you would require to get your certificates attested successfully!

The provision to have your document attested and delivered in minimal time

The option to track the package online, ensuring you know its whereabouts at all times

Pick-up-cum-drop-off service for customers residing in the UAE

Reliance World Attestation provide Attestation for following Countries:

  • India

  • UK

  • USA

  • Canada

  • Australia

  • France

  • Germany

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