Why do you need a COVID vaccine certificate Attestation?

COVID vaccine certificate Attestation

COVID vaccination certificate attestation is evidence from the legal authorities that you have been vaccinated with Covid vaccine (either one or both doses) which has been approved in your country. The certificate provides details of your COVID-19 vaccination status – the name of the Covid vaccine taken, the date on which you were vaccinated, and […]

What you Should Know about TEFL Certificate Legalization

TEFL Certificate Legalization

TEFL Certificate Legalization is on e of the mandatory process When you get an English teacher job offered to you aboard. The apostille here works as an official agreement of validity beyond the issuing country’s borders. This applies generally when you want to be able to legally work aboard, and getting what is needed can present […]

Attesting Canadian Documents From UAE & Canada Embassy

Attesting Canadian Documents From UAE & Canada Embassy

Attesting Canadian Documents From UAE & Canada Embassy is a process where certificates are made legally valid and fit for use in other countries. The process involves getting the required approval from the destination country’s embassy in Canada. That means if you were intending to use the documents in the UAE for instance, then you […]

What is an Apostille, and Why is Not Sufficient for a UAE Visa?


An apostille is a document issued in the form of a specialized certificate, by the issuing country’s Secretary of State. It gets attached to the original document and serves to verify the latter’s legitimacy and authenticity in the destined country, as long as it is a member of the Hague Convention. UAE is one of […]

MOFA Attestation and its Importance to Getting a UAE Visa

MOFA Attestation

UAE continues to be a highly favored destination for immigrants from all over the world. It is a place that offers vast opportunities in terms of education, employment, and modern living. It serves as an undisputed hub for many industries, most prominently construction. People, who seek visas that allow them to reside here, are required […]

Divorce Certificate Attestation for UAE

Divorce Certificate Attestation

Divorce certificate attestation is a process of attesting the court-issued document that officially terminating a marriage. A divorce certificate holds the names of the separated partners, along with the place and date of marriage termination, as well as responsibilities and rights given to each party following said termination. If you have a foreign-issued divorce certificate […]

Need of certificate Attestation

Attestation Service In UAE

Need of Certificate Attestation Are you a foreign citizen in the UAE in search of a job? How much do you know about the need for document attestation? Which documents need attesting, and whom do you need to approach to get it done well and quickly? Would your employer help with this? First off, attestation is a […]

Document Attestation for Teachers Who Wish to Work in the UAE

Document Attestation for Teachers

Attestation for Teachers A teacher seeking a work permit in a country other than their native one, is required to have their relevant documents attested accordingly. Of the major countries in the world which place this requirement, the UAE enforces stringent rules that need to be met in no uncertain terms. If, as a foreign […]

All you Need to Know about Attestation of BVI-Issued Documents for the UAE

Attestation of BVI-Issued Documents

Attestation of BVI-Issued Documents For a company that is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands or the BVI, starting a new branch on foreign soil requires first getting the relevant documents notarized and legalized. This is instrumental in achieving the same benefits as other companies of the same kind which are operating inside the country. […]

How Document Attestation Affects Setting Up a New UAE Office or Business

Document Attestation for Setting Up a New Company or Business in UAE

Attestation for a New Company or Business in UAE Reliance world attestation is the best service provider for the attestation for a new company or business in UAE. A lot of people, being their own boss is much more appealing than slogging 40 hours a week. However, this carries all the hassles of setting up, […]