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Need of certificate Attestation

Attestation Service In UAE

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Need of Certificate Attestation

Are you a foreign citizen in the UAE in search of a job? How much do you know about the need for document attestation? Which documents need attesting, and whom do you need to approach to get it done well and quickly? Would your employer help with this?

First off, attestation is a must for foreign nationals seeking to work in the Emirates; there is no getting around that. Your degrees would need to be attested, as would most or all of your other important documents that were issued by an authority outside the UAE. The best thing to do in such a case is to seek out the finest options for document attestation Dubai has to offer. Reliance World Attestation, for example, has a flawless track record in this, as well as a long line of appreciative past customers who can and would attest to the kind of work we do.

Degree Certificate Attestation

Taking on attestation by yourself hands you the same chances as it does everyone else, which means you could end up unsuccessful because of any unfamiliarity with the procedures involved. If, for instance, you are an Iranian citizen who needs Iran attestation in UAE, a lot of things would need to be done in precise order, and with great patience. The first step would be notarizing the documents from a notary public in the country of issuance. Following that, you would be required to get it legalized by the UAE Embassy in the capital city. After acquiring the UAE embassy stamp, you would need to wait while the document got shipped over to the Emirates.

Once it enters the UAE, there is still the matter of getting it attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sometimes they tell you that a translation is required, and then you have to head to a registered translator to get that done. Lastly, the certificate would need to carry a stamp from the Ministry of Justice. Most importantly of all, no employer would help you with any of this.

At Reliance World Attestation, we handle all your document attestation needs, meaning you just need to hand it to us alongside a few other supporting documents we specify at the beginning. After that, the only work you need to do is wait. We get you your certificate back – stamped, sealed, properly attested, and legally valid inside the United Arab Emirates.

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