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South Africa Certificate Attestation Guide

South Africa Certificate Attestation

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South Africa Certificate Attestation

Certificate attestation in South Africa involves the utilization of the original document for the verification process, which varies depending on the document type and its intended use. For example, when attesting a degree certificate, it should be submitted to the relevant authority such as the Department of Higher Education, which will issue a cover page approving the degree if it is enrolled with them. Subsequently, the document is taken to the Department of International Relations and Co-Operation (DIRCO) and then to the appropriate government office.

The certificate attestation process in South Africa typically follows these steps:

  1. Legal Translation, if required.
  2. Ministry of Education or Notary Verification in South Africa.
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in South Africa or obtaining an Apostille.
  4. Submission to the Embassy or Consulate in South Africa.
  5. Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the destination country.

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