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Why do you need a COVID vaccine certificate Attestation?

COVID vaccine certificate Attestation

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COVID vaccination certificate attestation is evidence from the legal authorities that you have been vaccinated with Covid vaccine (either one or both doses) which has been approved in your country.

The certificate provides details of your COVID-19 vaccination status – the name of the Covid vaccine taken, the date on which you were vaccinated, and the location of the vaccination. Moreover, it displays the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses taken, whether you have received both doses, and followed vaccination guidelines regarding the number of days between the two doses.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) has clarified that unvaccinated individuals may have to face strict restrictions while traveling abroad or entering public places. As the UAE has decided to open up social and public places with restrictions and regulations on unvaccinated citizens, the necessity for vaccination certificates would increase within a few months, for travel or entry. Therefore in the future, vaccination certificates would seem irreplaceable if you wish to travel internationally without hassle to and from the UAE.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made attestation of the Covid vaccine certificate mandatory for travel to Saudi. The Saudi government has laid strict rules and regulations for travelers, especially guests entering the country, to prove their health status by the attestation of their Covid vaccination certificate.

Procedures for COID vaccine certificate attestation

World attestation can provide services for Covid vaccine certificate attestation for travel to UAE and Saudi Arabia from your home country. You can easily update your immunization status to travel to Gulf countries through our attestation services.

We can provide Vaccine certificate attestation for UAE from the following authorities

  • Attestation by the UAE Embassy located in your home country
  • Attestation by MOFA

Get your UAE Covid vaccine certificate attested at ease through our attestation center without delay. COVID-19 vaccines approved by the UAE Ministry of Health (MOH) are to be taken by travelers.

Travelers should ensure that they have taken COVID-19 vaccines approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health or else they will be denied boarding the airplane.

We can provide Vaccine certificate verification for Saudi from the following authorities

  • Attestation by the Saudi Embassy located in your home country
  • Attestation by MOFA

Once the attestation procedures are done you can update your vaccination details in the mobile apps developed by UAE (Al Hosn) and Saudi Arabia (Tawakkalna) aimed at tracking the status of its residents.

For Indian Travelers:

Prior to beginning with the Vaccination Certificate Attestation procedure, for UAE or Saudi Arabia, the people from India have to digitally add their passport number to their Vaccination Certificate. This is a quite straightforward procedure. The only Indian vaccine approved by Gulf countries is the Covishield. As evidence of immunization, an attested certificate of vaccination with your passport number mentioned thereon is required at the time of travel.

Link your passport number with vaccination certificate through the following steps:

  1. Using your registered mobile number login to http://cowin.gov.in
  2. Click on ‘Raise an Issue’
  3. Select the option: Passport
  4. From the drop-down menu select option: Person
  5. Type in your passport number
  6. Submit. You will immediately be receiving the new certificate.

How to get the vaccination certificate in the UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

You can download the Al Hosn app for UAE and Tawakkalna app for Saudi Arabia on the Google store or Apple store.

In order to download the certificate, you can click on the tab- Covid-19 vaccination card. You can also share the PDF format of the official vaccination report through email or text message.

Contact us for attesting vaccine card

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