How to attest marriage certificate in UAE?

Marriage Certificate Attestation

World Attestation will help you to attest your Marriage Certificate in UAE is a mandatory process if you are applying for a family visa in UAE. The UAE government accepts marriage certificates only when they are attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country from which your marriage certificate has been issued. What […]

An Overview of the Importance of MOFA Marriage Certificate Attestation

MOFA Marriage Certificate Attestation

MOFA Marriage Certificate Attestation Perhaps everyone would want to get married someday – it’s probably one of the most important events of a person’s life. Although, you should not forget that there are legalities to follow and preparing your marriage certificate is just one of them. If you want to know the marriage certificate attestation for UAE charges, […]

What is experience attestation, Where & How do you do it here in Dubai?

Experience Certificates Attestation

In the UAE, it’s quite normal to have your experience certificates attested, most especially if you keep changing your job. Regardless of what kind of profession you have, experience certificates attestation is needed for the sole purpose of proving that your papers are authentic and true. If you are an expatriate who came from another part of […]