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Commercial Document Attestation in UAE
Commercial Invoices Attestation, Memorandum of Association Attestation, Articles of Association Attestation

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Commercial Document Attestation in UAE

Commercial Document Attestation in UAE

Reliance World Attestation having 30+ years of experience in  Commercial Document Attestation in UAE . According to international law, it is mandatory for any individual setting out to do business in another country, to have attestation on all relevant commercial documents. Said attestation is required to ensure authorities in the foreign country that these documents are both genuine and valid, and in adherence to their legal system.

That means each commercial document needs to travel through a specified and mandated certification route, and be corroborated at the end of it, failing which it would not be deemed legitimate. Commercial document attestation requirements apply to all business-related actions and operations, such as opening a bank account in Dubai, for instance. Another example is if you are from a different country, and seek to open a shop anywhere in the UAE; you would need to get your commercial documents attested in this case as well. 

Why Commercial Document Attestation in UAE is Mandatory

Very many different commercial documents exist that are tied into commercial ventures, and require authenticating before the latter can legally commence. Below are a few of the common ones.

  • Commercial Invoices Attestation: These include Export Invoices and General Company Invoices, as well as a variety of other invoice types.
  • Certificates Attestation: Attestation is required for many different certificates including those proving origin, incorporation, incumbency, good standing, company name change, shareholder status, etc.
  • Memorandums and Agreements Attestation: This covers contractual agreements made with franchise partners, or between co-owners, and includes Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, etc. Unless each of these carries an official seal as well as signature from an authorized party, it can end up being considered invalid.
  • Reports: Many different Physical and Chemical Analysis reports may be required for beginning a commercial venture, and before that can be done, these need to be sufficiently authenticated.
  • Documents to and from Board of Directors: These are required for setting up a new company in the UAE, and if of foreign origin, they should be attested in order to be considered valid inside the country.
  • Packaging List: If your business is required to furnish a packaging list of the goods it is moving or using, then this list should first be attested before it is accepted by governing authorities in the UAE.
  • Power of Attorney (POA): if you try handing over POA to a third party so that they can manage your business, it should carry prior attestation in order to be seen as legally valid.

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