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Divorce Certificate Attestation for UAE

Divorce Certificate Attestation

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Divorce certificate attestation is a process of attesting the court-issued document that officially terminating a marriage. A divorce certificate holds the names of the separated partners, along with the place and date of marriage termination, as well as responsibilities and rights given to each party following said termination. If you have a foreign-issued divorce certificate that you need to use in the UAE, this would need to be attested in order to be considered official by authorities, institutions, and companies inside its borders.

The Usefulness Divorce Certificate Attestation in UAE

Getting your divorce document attested at the earliest spares you the hassle of doing this in a hurry later, in case you need the certificate for one or more of the following.

  • Changing a name in an official document, such as passport
  • Getting a singleness certificate
  • Getting married
  • Getting a visa for a foreign country
  • Changing the beneficiary on an insurance policy
  • Legally discarding a spouse’s name

Documents Required for Attesting a Divorce Certificate

For the purpose of getting a foreign-issued divorce certificate attested towards use in the UAE, you would normally need to supply the following documents.

  • Visa copy (where applicable)
  • Original divorce certificate (in some countries).
  • Authorization letter to speed things up (where applicable)
  • Certificate holder’s passport copy

The Process for Divorce Certificate Attestation

 Divorce Certificate Attestation Services

Obtaining authentication from the issuing country’s Home department

  • Getting the document attested by the issuing country’s
  • Ministry of External/Foreign Affairs.
  • Acquiring legalization of the document from the UAE Embassy in the issuing country.
  • Getting the documents attested by UAE’s MOFA.

Divorce Certificate Apostille

Member countries of the Hague convention, such as India, for example, provide apostilles by placing official stickers on processed documents, including divorce certificates. Before the MEA can do this, the document in question should be attested by the designated authorities in the issuing state, which in India is the Home Department of that specific state. MEA places the apostille stamp, but this in itself is not enough to grant UAE-validity to the document, which needs to be attested through regular channels. For that reason, attestation services in Dubai are often the go-to for people seeking to legalize their divorce certificates.

Seek out the finer options for document attestation Dubai has to offer, and it is possible to get through this procedure without being physically present at any of the concerned departments. The alternative is having to trudge through a lengthy process that requires several hassles, and no reasonable guarantee of success.

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