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French Documents Attestation for UAE

France Embassy Attestation – Attesting French Documents From France & UAE Embassy for the UAE

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Attesting French Documents for UAE

France being a part of the Hague Convention works in favor of people wishing to get their French-issued documents attested for the UAE, as it makes the process relatively simple. Everything from school certificates to training certificates, marriage certificates , and a long list of others, requires attestation to be rendered valid for use in the United Arab emirates.

Why French Documents Require Attestation?

  • The general reason applies here as well: with certificate attestation, the certificate which is issued from france can be accepted as valid, because this is proof that it has been endorsed by an official body. There are other reasons as well for the UAE requiring document attestation.
  • Embassies require it in the issuance of passports.
  • Some entities and organizations, such as World Education Services, for instance, may require certfificate attestation
  • The Ministry of Education might require them for the sake of equivalency
  • Student Visa or Employment Visa

Requirements to Attestation of French-issued Personal Documents

  • Legal translation done from France (if needed)
  • Notary seal from France
  • Apostille or Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation from home country
  • Consulate or Embassy attestation from France

Requirements for Attestation of French-issued Educational Documents

  • Legal translation done from France (if needed)
  • Ministry of Education attestation from France
  • Apostille or Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation from home country
  • Consulate or Embassy attestation from France, Paris

Requirements for Attestation of French-issued Commercial Documents

  • Attestation from government department or concerned authority in France
  • Apostille or Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation from home country
  • Consulate or Embassy attestation from France

The Certificate Attestation Process

  • The first step involves sending in your original certificates, as well as passport copy. These can be sent in via mail couriers, or with agents we send specifically to collect them.
  • After a french document is received, our work starts off with sending it to MOFA to get it legalized.
  • After this, the legalized french document gets sent to the UAE embassy in Paris. Here, it gets a legalization certificate attached on the front.
  • The document gets sent back to the UAE and is attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Lastly, it is translated into English, before being securely sent back to you.

This process varies rarely, and only when certain specific document types are involved, such as those of birth certificate, marriage or degree certificate, where attestation can only be done if the article is not more older than three months. Whether the processed documents are accepted or rejected is based on the judgment of the government authorities handling them on each side. The requirements stated too could change as time goes on, mainly because new laws are put into place for various reasons. This makes it complicated for average person or small group to try and get their document attested without help. For speedy and sure French documents attestation in UAE, it is best to get in touch with a service that has a commendable track record, such as Reliance World Attestation Services. A reliable company for all your attestation needs. With the right experience and knowhow, we can significantly expedite the process for you. Contact us at +971 55 3519191

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