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German Document Attestation for UAE

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German Certificate Attestation for UAE

Every German-issued document requires attestation before it becomes usable in the UAE. The procedure involved is often difficult, owing to numerous steps needed for total legalization.

Legalization is most commonly a requirement for educational documents issued in Germany, but with our help, you can have it done in minimal time. Our services also include replacement of German marriage birth, and death certificates, with the new certificates valid for subsequent legalization. The general process takes the following path.

How to legalize a German document for the UAE embassy?

World attestation helps you in attesting your German document for use in the UAE. Although the procedure for German certificate legalization is difficult, we ensure quick and reliable service through our expert professionals. Attestation of your German document is normally a 4 step process.

    • Pre-legalization of your document is mandatory at the Ministry of Federal State, Germany
    • Attestation of your document at your local District Court
    • Document translation from Germany to Arabic or English in order to use in UAE
    • Finally, legislation of your document at UAE Embassy in Berlin, Germany

Legislation process requires your true document and your valid passport copy.

What Happens

The main things we need to facilitate legalization of a German-issued document are the original document itself, and a passport copy from the owner. You can either send these in or have them collected by agents we send around to a location of convenience. After that, the document is securely sent to Germany, so that the following things can happen.

  • Initially, the document passes through a pre-legalization procedure at Germany’s Ministry of Federal State.
  • Following that, it is translated into English or Arabic (both are acceptable in the UAE), so that it can be used validly.
  • Thirdly, the document has to get attested at the local district court closest nearest to your area of origin.
  • Lastly, the document gets sent to Berlin’s UAE Embassy, and with that, the legalization process can be completed.

The document is then sent to the UAE for attestation at MOFA, following which it is delivered back to you in fully attested format. The process outlined above may vary for some documents, such as educational documents, where the original copy would need to be pre-legalized at Ministerium für Bildung und Kultur (Ministry of Culture and Science), as opposed to the Ministry of Federal State.

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