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Indian Documents Attestation

Indians these days are increasingly appreciative of their opportunities of traveling, working and living abroad. The UAE happens to be one country which beckons them with the best promises and delivers outstandingly. However, for an Indian citizen producing their documents in the emirates, there is the additional job of getting these attested first. This lets the host country decide that they are genuine.

Document attestation is essential to a variety of ventures inside the country: pursuing higher education, getting a family residence visa, joining a local professional job, getting your child enrolled at a school, and importing or exporting goods into the country, make up the main ones. The UAE government essentially requires that all your educational, academic, professional, commercial, non-educational, and personal documents be attested by either the Indian Embassy or Consulate. After than MOFA attestation needs to be done. Only with these things in hand, is it possible to get a visa to UAE.

The Process for Different Documents

Attestation procedure would differ based on the document type. There is an established protocol for each type that needs to be followed closely.

For Educational Certificates

These include mark sheets, School Transfer Certificate (TC), school certificates, degree certificates, diploma certificates, Post-Graduation certificates, etc. To attest one, you need to start with the Notary Public of Mumbai, India, and then move on to the Home Department Mantralaya of Mumbai, India. HRD attestation is usually carried out by the respective state. Following that, attestation is required from the following entities, in order.

  • Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi, India
  • UAE Embassy, New Delhi, India
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE

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For Non-Educational Certificates

Power of Attorney, divorce certificate, death certificate, birth certificate and marriage certificate fall in this category. Attestation is required from the following entities, in the given sequence.

  • Notary Public of Mumbai, India
  • Home Department Mantralaya of Mumbai, India
  • Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi, India
  • UAE Consulate in Mumbai, India
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE

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