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UK Certificate Attestation in Dubai

UK Certificate Attestation – Attesting UK Degree Certificates & all Documents for UAE. Doing FCO Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

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UK Documents Attestion for UAE

We provide UK certificate attestation services at the best price you can ever imagine. We complete the entire process of UK document attestation/ notarization or translation if necessary, and take them to FCO, London for Apostilles. We have a UK certificate attestation center in Dubai attesting UK documents (Birth, Marriage & Death certificates, Educational certificates, and Company Registration documents) for UAE.

Documents issued in the UK need to be legalized and attested before they can be used in another country, such as the UAE. We do UK Certificate Attestation for UAE. The two main requirements in this regard are an Apostille UK certificate and additional legalization which will classify your UK document as either “personal” or “corporate”. These procedures are carried out via the UAE embassy. Contact us for UK Document Attestation.

How to do UK degree attestation for UAE?

World attestation has several branches across UAE providing attestation services for your UK degree certificate. Our experts carry out attestation procedures for more than 100 countries. We provide certificate translation services, if necessary.

Documents for UK degree certificate attestation for use in UAE

  • The original/ Soft Copy of the certificate to be attested

Procedure for UK degree certificate attestation

  • Your certificate is sent to UK for legalization by the Foreign and Common Wealth Office and UAE embassy in London.
  • Finally returned to UAE for attestation at UAE MOFA

Documents are collected and delivered at your doorstep, without extra charge

How Does It Work?

The first and foremost step is the requirement of your original documents which is to be legalized for use in UAE. Considering your hectic schedule, we provide document collection service from your address at your convenient time, completely free of charge. A copy of your valid passport will also be required along with your certificate.

We will have these documents verified and securely sent to the UK where the legalization procedure begins. The UK degree certificate needs addition of an Apostille stamp by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and attestation by UAE Embassy in London, UK. In case of educational certificate attestation, attestation by a notary or Ministry of Education (MOE) in UK is required

Once above attestations are completed, your UK documents are returned to UAE where they should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), UAE. Finally your legalized certificates are delivered to your designated address for free.

UK Personal Documents Attestation

The UAE embassy in London have to process the UK documents such as academic documents, professional qualifications, etc which are considered as personal by the UAE authorities. The document should have a sign, seal, or stamp from a lawyer to be properly legalized. One of aforementioned things is mandatory before certification becomes possible.

Business or Corporate UK Document Attestation

Company documents should be attested at the embassy for a foreign national to be granted legal permission to conduct business in the Emirates. Legalization is a fairly simple process. The document consists of an Apostille which requires London & UAE embassy attestation. You can entrust us with your documents and relax while we complete all the work, as World Attestation offers end-to-end processing for UK Certificate Attestation.

How UAE Attestation Looks on a UK-Issued Document

An Apostille stamp and UAE embassy stamp are required for any UK-issued document to be legalized for the UAE. The Apostille stamp is appended to the document by sticking it behind the document and embossing.

Personal Documents That Commonly Need Attesting

Educational Certificates That Commonly Need Attesting

  • Advanced Diploma Certificate
  • Associate Degree Certificate
  • Bachelor degree and honors Certificate
  • UK Diploma Certificate Attestation
  • Doctorates Certificate
  • UK Graduate Certificate Attestation

Business Certificates That Commonly Need Attesting

  • Articles of Association
  • Board of Resolution Certificate
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of Registration


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find relevant answers to most of your queries here.

Firstly is need to legalized the UK documents from FCO in London, UK and then have to do attestation from UAE Embassy in London, UK and then have to attest from MOE and MOFA Attestation .

Most of the UK documents bearing an original signature or stamp from a UK official can be legalized by the FCO. If photocopies of documents are to be legalized, they should be certified and declared as true photocopies by a UK solicitor or notary The UK solicitor or notary public must sign in their own name rather than a company signature.

We will make arrangements to securely legalize your UK degree certificate. Firstly, an Apostille stamp is provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) followed by attestation by the UAE Embassy in London, UK. Later, attestation by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in the UK is required. Finally, your UK documents reaches UAE where they should be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), UAE.

Any document is attested by UAE MOFA once it is attested by MOF.

  • Certification by solicitor in the UK
  • Addition of an Apostille stamp by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)
  • The UK document attestation by UAE Embassy in London
  • Legalization by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE
  • In case of educational certificate attestation, attestation by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in the UK is required.
  • Certification by a registered UK solicitor, if necessary
  • The addition of an Apostille Stamp from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London or the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA – for Irish documents), in Dublin
  • UAE Embassy consular attestation in London
  • Once these attestations are completed in the UK, the certificates are transferred to UAE for attestation by MOFA, UAE.


Steps for attesting foreign degree certificate in UK.

  • Notary public certification in the foreign country where your degree certificate is issued. (if necessary)
  • MOE and MOFA attestation from the country your degree certificate is issued
  • UK Embassy in the country concerned
  • Finally, MOFA in UK
  • Documents required for attestation
  • Original degree certificate to be attested, Copy of your valid passport

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