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USA Certificate Attestation for UAE

Attesting US Documents For The UAE – US Birth Certificate Attestation , US Degree Certificate Attestation, Us Marriage Certificate Attestation & All

USA Attestation

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Attesting US Documents for UAE

A person or migrating from the USA to UAE would normally need a majority of their certificates attested for the purpose of validation in the new country of residence. The process or attestation differs with almost every document, and depends on the requirements held by each embassy. Also pertinent is the place where you intend to use the certificate. World Attestation offers proactive services that allow you to get your documents attested without being physically present for any of it.

Education Certificates That Generally Require Attesting


  • US School Certificate
  • US College Certificate
  • US University Certificate
  • US Training Certificate
  • US Degree Certificate
  • US Institution Certificate
  • Transcript
  • US Diploma Certificate
  • US UG Certificate
  • US PG Certificate

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Non-Education or Personal Certificates That Generally Require Attesting

  • US Birth Certificate
  • US Death Certificate
  • US Marriage Certificate
  • US Bonafide Certificate
  • US Migration Certificate
  • US Finger Print Certificate
  • US Divorce Certificate
  • US Salary Certificate
  • US Medical Certificate
  • US Registration Certificate

Commercial or Business Documents That Generally Require Attesting

  • Power Of Attorney
  • Articles of Association
  • Memorandum Of Association
  • Share Certificate
  • Share Holder Resolution
  • Partnership Deed
  • Certificates of Incorporation
  • Company License

Some Purposes of Document Attestation

  • To enroll for higher education in the country
  • To acquire an Labour/Employment Visa Card for a wide range of designations
  • To acquire residence visa for dependents (wife, children, parents, etc)
  • To acquire equivalent certificates
  • To obtain rights to sell property in your home country
  • To get your child admitted in a school in the UAE (a transfer certificate is required)
  • To open a new bank account
  • To legally discontinue a partnership in cases where a partner living in the home country wishes it
  • To acquire company registration
  • For writing the MOH or DOH (applies to doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and lab technicians)

Document Attestation Process

  • The attestation process for USA-issued documents intended for use in the UAE includes the following.
  • Translation of the document (in some cases; not all).
  • Notary public verification done in USA
  • Authentication done by the Secretary of State in USA
  • Verification done by the State Department of USA
  • >

  • Embassy Attestation done from USA
  • Processing through the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs in the UAE

Requiring a drawn out procedure, document attestation is usually too much for people who simply want to get it done quickly and smoothly. Luckily, World Attestation can step in spare you the hassle.

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