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Legal Translation Services
Marriage Certificate Translation, Birth Certificate Translation & Any Document from any language to arabic and arabic to any

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Legal translation services for documents in Dubai

Our translation services spread over the entire UAE including Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Our document translation and legalisation aims at taking your business to the next level beyond languages and cultures. We provide certified translations abiding by the laws of UAE and take pride in our reliable Language translation services. Certificate translation is carried out in more than 100 languages ensuring utmost confidentiality. You can approach us for any foreign language translation services and also for legalisation services..

Why choose our Translation & legalization services for Documents?

World attestation is renowned for its world class certified native translators for translation of documents, with the quickest turnaround and constant document tracking services. We guarantee the best economical rates..

Services we provide

  1. Document Translation Services

We provide document translation services across the UAE. Get your passport, driving license or any personal or official certificate translated from a trusted source. Our expert human translators are capable of translating documents into any language as per your requirement.

  1. Certified Translation Services

Obtain legally certified translation services at an affordable price in the UAE. We guarantee 100% acceptance of your translated documents and assure their legal validity in the required country. We provide translation assistance for all types of personal and professional documents.

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Academic Translation Services

Are you looking for native translators to translate your academic research articles? Our team of translators are specialized in a broad range of academic disciplines and provide accurate academic translation services so that you can publish your research without errors.

Business Translation Services

We value your business ventures and understand the importance of translating business documents faithfully. Our professional and qualified linguists work within the client deadlines to boost your business. Contact us for translating your marketing materials, financial documents or any business agreements.

Birth Certificate Translation

Translation of birth certificates is one of our main services we provide in the UAE. Legal translation of birth certificates is mandatory in most countries and we can translate your document to any language as per your requirement, at the lowest price.

Marriage Certificate Translation

Our professional translators can translate marriage Certificates from all around the globe. Understanding local terminologies in a marriage certificate and translating them accordingly is easy for our experienced team and can be provided within no time. Translated documents are accepted worldwide.

Attestation Services

  • Our Profesisonal team can provide attestation for your any document for use in UAE with short period of time.
  • Certificate translation is carried out in more than 100 languages ensuring utmost confidentiality.
  • Arabic Translation Services:We provide Arabic translation services by native Arabic human translators who are experts in translating your trade licenses, birth certificates, and marriage and degree certificates. We provide translations from any language to Arabic and Arabic to any language.
  • English Translation Services:We provide English translation services by native English language translators who are experts in translating your trade licenses, birth certificates, and marriage and degree certificates. We provide translations from any language to English and English to any language.
  • Feel free to contact us for availing our translation and legalisation or attestation services. We provide our expert customer service 24/7.You can entrust us with your certificates for legalization procedures.

Reliance World Attestation

Are you looking for Document Attestation . Reliance World Attestation can offer you all type of Attestation services to around 100+ countries.

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