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Document Attestation for Teachers Who Wish to Work in the UAE

Document Attestation for Teachers

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Attestation for Teachers

A teacher seeking a work permit in a country other than their native one, is required to have their relevant documents attested accordingly. Of the major countries in the world which place this requirement, the UAE enforces stringent rules that need to be met in no uncertain terms. If, as a foreign national, you wish to land a teaching job inside the Emirates, then the following things would apply to you.

What Does Authentication Entail?

Regardless which country you wish to teach in, authentication of your educational and other documents, involves getting the consulate or embassy of that country to sign off on their validity. For an aspirant teacher, there is a typical minimum of three documents that absolutely need to be attested: bachelor’s degree, teaching license, and police background check. There are countries that require further documentation, such as degree transcripts. If you plan on bringing a spouse or a child, you may also need to show a marriage or birth certificate, respectively.

How Can a Document Be Authenticated?

As already mentioned, the fact of your home country would decide the steps which need to be taken, and the requirements that need to be met. As a rule, you would require the following things for the attestation process.

  • Notarization from a notary public: This needs to be acquired from your country of origin, which means if you are already in the UAE, then this steps is most expediently handled by a service offering certificate attestation in Dubai.
  • Sign-off from the local government: This is to show conclusively that the notary public who processed your certificate is a legal authority inside their jurisdiction.
  • Stamp from your consulate: Your consulate or embassy would need to authenticate the previous two steps, using a sign and seal from people with the proper authority. You may be able to mail the documents to the consulate, but the whole thing becomes a lot simpler when you let a reliable attestation service handle this on your behalf. Many even offer Indian consulate Dubai attestation services.


After you get your authenticated documents in hand, whether you worked through the whole process yourself or availed assistance from an attestation service, you would be able to use them as legally valid certificates inside the UAE. For an aspirant teacher, this means that they can confidently approach a potential employer, because they have the required documentation to prove their qualifications.

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