Attestation Service for Iran Certificate

If you are an Iranian who wants to live in the UAE, there is a need for Iran certificate attestation in Dubai, to prove that your documents are authentic and genuine – and to get kind of service, we, Reliance World Attestation can help you.

We are a leading legalization company and in fact, we are the sole provider of Iran certificate attestation in the UAEWe are equipped with the right knowledge and resources to be able to give the most efficient and fast attestation services to all our clients. We give an extensive array of these services, namely for birth certificates, marriage certificates, medical certificates, and many others. The quality of our services is tested enough through our years of experience in the industry we are in.

We understand our clients well – we know how imperative it is to finish these procedures quite quickly that is why we do our best to complete the processes as fast as possible.

As for you Iran certificate attestation, there are different purposes as to why you will need this type of service like:

  • When you want to have a resident visa for your family ( wife, children, and in-laws )
  • If you want to transfer your child to Iran ( or if you are Iranian resident or maybe if you want to transfer your child to any school here in Dubai )
  • For a power of attorney
  • For employment visa
  • When you want to achieve higher education in other countries ( or in Iran )
  • And also if you need to get an experience certificate attestation

Here’s how you can attest to your Iranian Certificate

  1. If you are in Dubai and you need to attest your documents to be used in Iran, you must submit it to Iranian Consulate in Dubai after it is stamped and attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. It can also be attested in the Ministry of Justice if it is required in your Iranian destination.
  3. And if you have Iranian papers for use in the UAE, you must know that it must be attested by the UAE MOFA or Abu Dhabi first then after which, it can be translated into English or Arabic, from Farsi.
  4. And if you need our help at Reliance World Attestation, you can always contact us anytime and we will gladly extend our help to you regarding Iran certificate attestation in Dubai¸ or any type of attestation services you need.