Birth Certificate Attestation in Dubai

A Birth Certificate, in its sense, is a legal and official document of one’s identity – clearly stating the name, nationality, and date and place of birth. There are certain reasons why you should request for a birth certificate – that’s why it’s crucial for you to know the basics of birth certificate attestation, like if you have a child and you want to admit him to a school in a foreign country or if you want to migrate with all your family in another country.

If you ask an attestation company to do the service for you, you will need to provide them with the original copy of your birth certificate and a photocopy of your passport or the one needing the attestation.

We, Reliance World Attestation, offer this kind of service. We are an attestation company that can take care of any of your attestation needs like birth certificate attestation or for other types of documents like medical, marriage, experience, and many others. We have been in the industry long enough to know how we can do the procedures swiftly, making it convenient for all our clients. The team behind our services is trained and qualified enough to make the job done – we take pride in being considered as one of the pioneers in the field that we are in.

Furthermore, what you need to do if you want your birth certificate to be attested are:

  1. Have your document be attested by your native government
  2. Turn it to the Ministry of External Affairs
  3. Then have it attested in the country that you are applying for

You should know, however, that each country has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to the attestation of important documents, hence, it’s crucial for you to check these before you start with the attestation procedures.

At Reliance World Attestation, we take the attestation process from the embassy of your home country before taking it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in the UAE. We will also make sure that all your documents needed for the attestation are authentic and genuine before it can be used for official purposes.

And if you need any help with attesting your birth certificate in Dubai, especially if you are from UK, US, Canada, Australia, Germany, or anywhere from Europe, you don’t have to worry because we know how important it is – in fact, it’s used in almost all legal purposes wherever you may go in the world. As long as you’re here in Dubai, we’ll help you attest your papers and documents as fast as possible, in times you need it the most. And as for Iranian nationals, we also take pride in being the sole company who can attest to your certificates efficiently. Just contact us anytime and we will gladly extend our help to you.