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The Validity of Document Attestation Services You Get

Perhaps you have already encountered the term ‘attestation’ – especially because it’s certainly needed for certain purposes. Looking for document attestation services is, in fact, a common and mundane scenario if you are looking for a job, school transfer, or authenticating all your legal papers.

Attestation, in its sense, is the legalization of certain documents that you need whenever you want to go to another country and apply for a job there, new school, get married, or other purposes – it’s a proof that your documents are genuine and legibly yours.

You can attest your documents yourself – but to make things easy for you, especially if you are chasing a deadline, you can just come to us, Reliance World Attestation, and we’ll provide you with the most efficient attestation services in Dubai. We are a reputable brand in our field because of many reasons – one of which is because we’re the only company that provides Iran certificate attestation to all those who need it. Whatever your nationality is, wherever you came from, may it be from US, Germany, or any Western Countries, we know just how to accomplish your attestation necessities and give them to you just in time.

We have been in this field long enough; hence, you can rest assured that we know exactly what you need – and that’s what we’ll give you.

Moreover, allow us to tell you about the validity of these attested documents.

The validity of these attested documents varies – it depends on what type of document it is. For example:

  • Affidavits and declarations both have its validity depending on the execution of the papers on the date of the attestation.
  • Powers of attorney, on the other hand, is valid until the person who gives the power of the attorney cancels the paper himself.
  • Certified translated documents are valid as long as the notary certified the papers during the period of commission.

Indeed, it varies depending on the case, purposes, and what type of attested document it is; therefore, it’s important to be able to execute what you need to do with the paper before it expires or before it becomes null.

However, this won’t happen with us at Reliance World Attestation – we’ll make sure that you will use your papers accordingly, get it attested in the right time, and avoid mishaps all throughout the process.

If you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to call us at +971 55 3519191 one of the leading attestation agencies in the UAE.


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